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overload tools

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Can be used on any movement – compound or accessory .

Compound – You can use this as a great way to not only get used to moving heavier weight but also to get past any stick points you may have (such as at the lockout of a deadlift or coming off the chest on bench press).


Accessory – A great way to rehab or focus on engaging that specific muscle under more tension.


This cause a change in speed and acceleration at one point during the rep (depending on the exercise / tool being utilized).

You will need to:

  1. If using for increased tension of movement - use less weight than normal

  2. If using for decreased tension of movement – use more weight than normal


Lat Pulldown
Band around the top to increase tension at the bottom isometric position.


Incline Press on Smith Machine
Band around the top to decrease tension at the bottom position in order to:
1) work on holding a lighter or heavier work load at the top of the movement and
2) have a different speed / velocity off the chest.  

work load

Overload Tools: To increase or decrease the tension at specific part(s) of the exercises.

We do this to strengthen the weaker points in a certain lift due to imbalances, stick points in a lift, or rehabbing an injury.

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