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fascia stretch training


A training technique we use to get the fascia to expand so we can maximize muscle hypertrophy


7 sets of 10-15 repetitions utilizing a 30 seconds ‘flex’ portion and a 15 second rest.

Stay true to rest time and focus on really isolating the working muscle group during the flex portion.  Your working set weight should be heavy and challenging to complete all reps for.  Therefore, it’s okay to drop weight as the sets progress.


It’s not ideal to use compound movements such as squats or deadlifts because these require a lot of muscles working together as one.  Use FST on more isolated exercises such as lat pulldowns, cable chest fly, or bicep curls.


You can either choose to lower the weight and perform the isometric portion of the lift for the full 30 seconds, OR you can use body weight, a band, or an exercise item to help up the intensity even more.  Some examples are below:


Shoulders - Use a resistance band around the wrists and pull it apart from the shoulders
Chest – Squeeze a ball or hip circle with the elbows locked out in front of you
Lats – Stretch or flare them
Biceps – Flex the gun show!



DB Front Raises
7 sets of 10 repetitions
Flex portion (30 seconds) – using a band between the wrists while the elbows are locked out, and trying to tear it apart with the shoulders.
Rest (15 seconds) – This is where you’d drop weight if needed, so have the other weights handy because 15 seconds goes QUICK!


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