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as many reps as possible

please watch rpe/rir video before tackling amrap!

“As Many Reps As Possible” – correlates to an RPE of 10, an RIR of 0.

AMRAP is done as a plus set, meaning, an additional set performed after your last work set.

work set

AMRAP is typically used on compound movements where reps of the last work set are less than ten.

Again, if we are moving heavier weight for work sets, we don’t want to go to failure every training session with those movements.

Therefore, AMRAP should be used more than once every 2+ weeks for any one movement.

compound movements
work set

Seated Dumbbell Press
Work Sets:  3 Sets x 5 Reps
RPE Goal:  7 (3 RIR)
Rest Time:  2 minutes
(should get roughly 8 reps on AMRAP set because 5 reps + 3 RIR = 8 reps)

AMRAP set performed after two minutes of rest from finishing the last work set. 

10 reps were completed.  This means he UNDERSHOT his true RPE.  He said it was RPE 7 but he was actually at an RPE of 5 (because 10 – 5 reps = 5 RIR).  He would use this data to adjust weight for next week’s training session to be closer to his RPE goal for his work sets.

Work Sets

After the last work set is complete, take your normal allotted rest time and then perform one additional set (AMRAP set) where you complete as many reps as you can until you fail.

It’s important to note that failure does not mean form breaks, it simply means you go until your body cannot perform another GOOD, full repetition.  Tempo will slow down, but form will never break.


work set
  1. To see if we are gauging RPE/RIR correctly or not

  2. As a way to increase load throughout a training progression safely; not letting the body go to failure on heavier lifts every single training session

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